Seed of Life Ring - Silver
Seed of Life Ring - Silver
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Seed of Life Ring - Silver

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The Seed of Life 3D ring. 

Click here for the Gold version.

The basis of the Seed of Life is the circle, and in sacred geometry, circles represent cycles, as well as encompassing things. In this case, the seven circles are often compared to the seven days of creation, with the different circles being ascribed to different points in the universe's making. The overlapping of the circles shows that these events did not happen independently of each other, either, but that each is intimately connected to the next, building atop what came before it.

If you continue to add circles and expand the design, then the Seed of Life grows, becoming a symbol referred to as the Flower of Life, according to Sacred Geometry. This flower builds on the seed, and becomes even bigger, expanding outward just like both creation and the universe. One thing builds on another, and it creates the next layer, and the next. While they are all built from the same blocks (just how everything in the world is made of atoms), the Flower still looks very different than the Seed that was its origin.

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