Bahagia means Happiness in Indonesian. Bali based designer Camila Mello has been making jewelry for over 10 years, that led her to the creation of the sophisticated artisan jewelry line inspired by the divine beauty of this island and its unique spiritual culture. BAHAGIA Jewellery collection offers staple handcrafted pieces such as the classic crystal earrings, necklaces with inspiring quotes, moon ring, charm pendants, and star studs. Each piece of BAHAGIA Jewellery has a special meaning and a story behind it, with mysteries and sensual beauty eternalized in gold and silver.

Established in Bali since 2012 and working with a team of talented local artisans on a small scale production, Camila still has her hands on every piece of BAHAGIA Jewellery creating many of the prototypes and one of a kind pieces. Mixing ancient old techniques such as wax carving with the latest technology in 3D design, every piece is unique and special. 

Bahagia has a jewelry store in Bali, in Canggu, now available to you worldwide, with a new esoteric line Karma range, comprised of state-of-the-art charm pendants and a range of crystal earrings exuding a passionate and soulful artistry.

All the pieces are made with love and shipped with tropical air.

One of bali PLATFORM brands: Bahagia jewelry from Bali