Info and Care for Bahagia Jewellery

We take pride in working with a selection of skilled artisans on a handmade small production. Most of the pieces available are limited edition as we work with natural stones and hand picked materials from the 4 corners of the world.

Small imperfections or “beauty spots”, as we like to call it, are intentional and only add character and individuality to your piece.

We use a process called electroplating to add a fine layer of 9ct gold or rose gold and sometimes pure silver to our pieces.

Plated items are designed to fade and wear off with time, while items can be re plated over and over again, there’s a few simple rules you can follow to guarantee longer lasting results.

* Avoid any substances such as lotions, perfume and salty and chlorine water.

* Remove your pieces when washing your hands as soap and excess water can stain the surface.

* Remove your items when around the house, keeping it for special moments only, as continuous contact with your natural skin oils will wear off plating.

* Do not use any chemicals such as silver polishing cloths and lotions to clean your product as this will actually strip the plating off. These only work in solid sterling silver or gold items.

* To clean plated items use only a clean damp cloth and a dry one to gentle polish. This should be done after a long day of wear when item has been in contact with skin and pollution for a long time and before it is stored.

* Always store your pieces in the satchel or box that they came in and away from drastic temperatures and humidity.

* Always transport your piece securely in the satchel or box that they came in and preferably with some extra padding or bubble wrap. Try and recreate the package you received in the mail for safety, specially with pieces containing stones and crystals.

* Avoid scratches of any kind.

We also use natural gemstones and crystals which are delicate and can break, scratch and stain if mishandled.

Please follow all the steps above for stone items as well and remember to always secure your stone into place when polishing and cleaning.

With stretchy and stringed items such as bracelets and necklaces take precaution when putting it in and taken it off considering its limits and avoid hanging any extra weight on these items.

Sterling silver pieces can be cleaned with readily available silver polishing products and same with raw brass pieces.

Bahagia Jewellery do not take responsibility for items that have been mishandled or stored and transported incorrectly.

Take care of your special piece and it will love you back for years to come!

If you have any problems or queries do not hesitate to contac us.